Lakewood Forest Waste & Recycling Services

Lakewood Forest Waste & Recycling Services

Best Trash, LLC (formerly RRRTX) is proud to be the Lakewood Forest waste services provider. This page includes important information about your services and an online form to report any service issues or ask questions.

Trash Service

• Residents must provide their own trash container – any size shape or color is acceptable

• Daily pick up limit of 3 trash cans and 4 bags/bundles of properly contained household waste, each weighing less than 40 lbs.

Recycling Service

Recycling Bin Provided: (1) 18 Gallon Bin per home upon request

Pickup Days

Zone Information
  • Catherine

    "Today when i got home the guys had already passed my house and down the street. I put out my trash, knowing I had really missed them. Several minutes later, when they had gone around the block, they came BACK to my house to get my trash! I really appreciate that kind of thoughtfulness!"


Report a Service Issue, Ask a Question, or Request an 18 Gallon Recycling Bin

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