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Storm Debris Guidelines: 

May 20th 2024: Best Trash extends sympathy to all of our customers that have been impacted by the recent storms. We will do our best to help get everyone back to normal. Please clearly separate the regular household garbage from the storm debris.

Tree limbs may not exceed 4 inches in diameter, no longer than 4 feet and tied and bundled not heavier than 40 lbs. and separate to show they are tied/bundled. Crews may collect up to 3 bundles each service day.
We ask that residents be patient during times like this as the crews have been instructed to prioritize the household trash and then the storm debris.

Please understand that all the debris will not be collected at one time. Residents may contact with a picture of their debris and their address/neighborhood name for a quote for special one-time collection.


Welcome to Best Trash

It takes a lot of confidence to call yourself the best, but we can back it up. With nearly 25 years of experience and a stellar reputation for reliability and customer service, we are proud to be the largest privately-owned trash and recycling company in the Houston Metro Area. Our first-rate team of hard-working crews keeps communities around Houston happy, satisfied, and spotless.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please reach out to our customer service team through our Contact Us page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Our address is 19430 FM 1093, Richmond, TX 77407.




Debris Removal

Best Trash contracts cover residential trash and recycle collection. This does not include services as a result of natural disasters, freezes, storms, etc.; however, there are some options for debris removal.

Extended Service

Best Trash is able to collect your debris for an additional fee. For pricing, please send us an email with your address and several clear pictures of your pile.

Call Now to Become a Customer!

Please always have your items out prior to 7am!

Please make sure that all trash is not blocked by any vehicles.

Is your container missing after the recent storms?

If your BEST TRASH provided container is missing after the storm, please check with neighbors to see if they may have taken in your can for safekeeping. Please check the end of the street for a container that has not been claimed. The numbers are not assigned to any particular resident. If you still need a replacement, please contact our office at 281-313-2378 to schedule the payment of $85 + tax for the replacement container fee.

Customer Reviews

  • Paul

    "Throughout the year your hard working, friendly staff does a commendable job providing service to my home. People tend to forget the efforts of the day to day work that has to be done. I’ve had nothing but pleasant interactions with everyone that comes by."

  • Jennifer

    "They are outstanding! No matter how heavy or gross or bulky our trash is on the curb, they are consistently friendly and go out of their way to help. I have a 2-year old that loves watching them come by and they are so kind to him too. I am so impressed. Please do whatever you can to make sure they stick around!"

  • Maja

    "I just wanted to send you guys a quick note and let you know how great I think the crew that picks up garbage at our location is! They are always courteous, have a smile on their face, and very helpful. Thanks so much for a job well done!"

  • Adina

    "I don’t know why we haven’t commented earlier, but the trash guys that pick up in Sienna Plantation are amazing. We are always in awe of their strength and reliability. We appreciate these very hard workers and wanted to say thank you!"

  • Jenny

    "We are moving and the worst thing about it is we can’t take our trash crew with us! Seriously. They have been amazing and I am genuinely sad we can’t take them. Please let me reiterate how awesome they have been. My kids and I have waved at them for the past 3+ years and they have always been extremely friendly. They have gone above and beyond to help us get our trash picked up. They are hands down THE best. We will miss them and sincerely appreciate their hard work and fantastic dispositions. My husband and I have told many people how wonderful our crew has been. I feel like we’re leaving our friends behind! You guys made a great choice when you hired them."

  • Donna

    “Hats off to your pick-up employees! On several occasions I have put out something for pickup hoping that the truck would stop on its way back. Every time, the truck slows, the person on the back hops off, and – always with a smile! — cheerfully picks up and includes ‘have a nice day.’ Kudos!!! and many thanks!”

  • Trey

    "Best Trash has been wonderful. Friendly caring driver and crew, high regard from vehicle employees toward all of our residents, the proper return of our trash cans where we keep them even when we leave our cans at the curb."

    "These people hustle. Trucks clean, no leaking hydraulic fluids on our streets. Respect to our right of way as we leave our driveway or pass by their big trucks. Courteous to everyone including our pets. Every collector and driver is respectful and are heads down hard at work. But when we approach or have a question, the field staff are all smiles, courteous in all respects, EVEN to our pets. Mine lost a ball under the driveways gate several times, the crew takes an instant to roll it back under the gate. My canine actually looks forward to the Monday – Thursday morning Best Trash crews coming past our home."

  • Carroll

    "I would like to complement the young men that cover our street. This morning one of your employees was being very neat in picking up trash from one yard with several boxes. He did not need to pick up each small fallen piece of paper from the boxes…but he did! The yard was left without any trace of debris. Please complement the men on their work. We are all ready to complain when service is not to our liking…we need as well, to tell you when a job is nicely done."

  • Darwin

    "I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and Best Trash of Texas for making Mario Figueroa, Luis Santana and Adrian Pacheco valued members of your team of professionals. These gentlemen go above and beyond the call of duty and truly represent what makes America the great country it is! I am very grateful for their extreme kindness and feel as if we are hermanos from the same family! The one trait that they exhibit each and every time they arrive, is ‘total customer service,’ no matter the weather or situation! This is a rare quality in today’s service industry, however, these men are true professionals and possess real core values. My compliments as to your professional leadership and confidence in these men!"

  • Dennice

    "I want to say how much I appreciate the guys that pick up our trash. They are friendly and do a great job picking up the trash, even the stuff that has fallen in the street. I think they do a great job and just know how much we appreciate them"

  • Cherine

    "I am writing this email to praise our trash service crew who services the Cypress creek lakes area. Apparently, a fellow neighbor had disposed of an item without securing the styrofoam packing peanuts properly. The packing peanuts flew away as the crew was disposing of the trash. All members of the crew (including the driver) were on their hands and knees cleaning up the street and sidewalk of the Styrofoam peanuts. It is not their job to make sure the trash is secure and that neighbor made a poor decision. I have never in my life seen a crew perform the way that they did today. While certainly unfair to them, I want to make sure you are aware of their hard work. We do appreciate them here!!"

  • Robert

    "Our trash collectors are wonderful and provide excellent service"


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